Why us?

The notion of a recruitment-network is not new and there are many out there in the market. So why should you pick us? This is a question we have asked ourselves many times when creating the World Recruiter Network.

Unique Focus, Unique Structure

We are primarily focusing on the logistics industry, not limited to Executive Search Mandates only. We limit the number of partners to maximum two per country or even exclusivity per country. We focus on reliability, reputation in the market and fairness. We will offer a protected room for sharing individual mandates between partners. We will be offering a payment protection plan for mandates managed via the network platform.

Your Expertise, Professionally Presented

We believe that companies should be known for what they do best and this should also be reflected in their profile. This enables everyone to easily decide which partner(s) to reflect to rather than massmailings.

Relationship and not transactionally driven

Our members focus on long term relationship building, and not one-off transactional enquiries. There will be one common objective: Customers first and keep the customers satisfied.

Quality Over Quantity

We value quality over quantity and being a member of the network means much more than just a number on the list. It means all participants are committed being active and investing their time and effort into the network and connecting with others.

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